What is AiraWear?

AiraWear is a smart massage jacket that relieves back pain anytime, anywhere you want. It was successfully backed on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo InDemand.

How does AiraWear work?

AiraWear works by using specially-designed massage pillows to apply pressure on your back, which produces an effect similar to trigger point massage.

Our smartphone app, connected via Bluetooth, has various massage programs to relieve the muscle tensions affecting different muscle groups on the back.

AiraWear also has a live posture assessment system which is supported by a posture sensor on the jacket. This posture assessment system tracks and records the posture of the person.

The best part about the posture system? It reminds the user to return to a healthy posture at crucial moments. AiraWear achieves this by massaging their lower back when the user adopts a poor posture.

How do you use AiraWear?

Check out our how-to video:

In summary:

1. You wear the jacket like the ones in your wardrobe.
2. Make fitting adjustments with the adjustable velcro straps that comes with the jacket. Ensure that the jacket fits you snugly for the best massage experience.
3. Switch on the jacket.
4. To start the massage, all you need to do is to connect the accompanying app to AiraWear via Bluetooth. Then select your desired program with one click.

What is the warranty for AiraWear?

We provide a one (1) year limited warranty. We guarantee that you will receive your AiraWear free of manufacturing defects. We conduct our quality control with the AQL inspection table in accordance to international quality standards.

How much does Aira cost?

The retail price of AiraWear massage vest is US$249. The AiraWear massage hoodie is US$299.

You can also contact us at for any enquiries.

Can AiraWear go past TSA security?

You can bring AiraWear past TSA security. However, you’ll have to put AiraWear through the scanning belt together with your carry-on luggage.

This is because AiraWear is a tech product, and the TSA treats all tech products as baggage to be scanned. To reduce the delay in going past airport security, you should not wear AiraWear through the body scanner.

Not convinced? Here’s our growth hacker SQ having a massage across different countries!

How long does the battery last for?

If you’re an avid lover of massage, and use AiraWear continuously, AiraWear should last you about 3 hours. However, we do not recommend using AiraWear’s massage function for 3 hours straight.

If you use AiraWear occasionally, and only use it to reward yourself after a long day of work, it should last you about 1 – 2 days.

How do I charge AiraWear, and how long do I charge it?

AiraWear works like any smartphone. All you’ll have to do is to plug AiraWear to a power source using a micro-USB cable.

It takes about 2 hours to charge AiraWear from flat. You can use AiraWear while it is charging. The battery life is reflected in the app.

We answer the above two questions and more in this video:

What is AiraWear made of?

We select the best materials in order to give you the most enjoyable massage experience. AiraWear massage modules comprises of high-tech composite materials such as TPU-coated Nylon fabric that is flexible enough to be worn comfortably on the body, but sturdy enough to knead your muscle.

How do I maintain AiraWear? Do I wash it?

Yes, AiraWear is washable. All you have to do is to separate the inner massage vest from the outer jacket layer by unzipping them. Remove the electronics compartment from the inner massage vest and it can be wiped down using a damp cloth.

The hoodie can be machine-washed. AiraWear is splashproof, but not the inner massage vest is not waterproof, so we do not recommend you wear AiraWear in rainy weather.

How many sizes and colours does AiraWear have?

AiraWear comes in 3 colors: black, blue and gray.
Additionally, you have the option of getting just the massage vest that you can pair with any of your favorite outer layers.

For sizing, please take a look at this page for more details.

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