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You may know AiraWear as the smart massage jacket designed to relieve back pain anytime, anywhere you want. What you probably don’t know is this: AiraWear is also part of Tware, a Singapore-based wearable tech company.

How did Tware come up with AiraWear?

As adults working in an office, we consider ourselves familiar with shoulder and back pain… A longtime nuisance that disrupts our daily lives. A problem that had no convenient answer.

Our team also realized that millions worldwide face a similar problem.

 Thus, we created AiraWear to solve back pain.

Now, we are taking the charge in intelligent, active wearables. And we also want to help you understand and monitor your body’s needs.

To achieve our goal, we merged our pressure technology with modern fashion. As a result, we gave our jacket the ability to transform a really simple thing like air pressure into back pain relief.

All of this was possible, thanks to our core belief: technology has to integrate seamlessly into the lives we touch.

Interested in our current project?

Join our waiting list to secure your spot to order your AiraWear. You can also contact us at info@airawear.com for any enquiries. 

The Team


Wei Liang Lin


Wei Liang has 11 years of unparalleled industrial design experience and has fashioned award-winning user-centric designs and interactive digital media.


Sep Riang Lai


Has over 8 years of experience in embedded system design. He is also a former researcher from National University of Singapore (NUS)’s Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments (CUTE) Center.


Constantinos Demetriades

CFO/VP of Business Development

Dinos is a qualified CIMA accountant and a former investment banker. He is also the director of Occulus Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based investment company.


Jun Yuan Tan

Project Don

Jun Yuan is the project head of Airawear and is currently leading the development efforts. Interested in combining fashion and technology in the wearable clothing space.


Yvonne Chua


Yvonne received her Bachelor’s in Design from National University of Singapore. Originally working in design research, she was excited by the possibility of actually implementing and executing her design ideas.


Janyn Sen

Operations & Finance

Janyn is handling the business operations (finance and legal) of Tware, which includes all the work that no one wants to do. She also received her Doctorate in Life Science from the National University of Singapore (NUS).


Si Quan

Growth Hacker

Si Quan is the marketing guy at Tware. Ask him anything marketing, and he’ll be willing to chat with you till the morning.



Content Producer

Karlton is the go-to guy for conjuring up videos, graphics or written copy out of thin air. The others still don’t know he has a growing stash of their blackmail worthy photos.

Woon Yong

Operations & Supply Chain

After graduating with his B.B.A. in 2016, Woon Yong joined the team to help us get good stuff at really good prices. So we can use the good stuff to make even better products too.


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